KiwiBuild at Discovery Development

Discovery Development is proud to be part of the KiwiBuild programme.

The New Zealand government established KiwiBuild to support and increase the pace at which new residential home developments come to market, and provide more affordable home options for Kiwi buyers.

In order to be eligible for to buy a Discovery Development KiwiBuild home, you will need to:

  • be over 18 years old
  • be a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident, or a resident visa holder who is ordinarily resident in New Zealand
  • not own a home in New Zealand or overseas, at the time of settlement on a KiwiBuild home
  • have a pre-tax income for the last 12 months less than $120,000 for an individual buyer; or
  • have a combined pre-tax income for the last 12 months less than $180,000 for two or more buyers.

You can download the full eligibility criteria on the KiwiBuild website(external link).

If you meet the eligibility criteria and want to make an offer on a home, you will need to submit a KiwiBuild eligibility pre-approval application. Details on making an application and what documentation you will need can be found at link).

You can contact our real estate agent for more information and view the available homes at any time, but you will need to have confirmed your KiwiBuild eligibility before you can purchase a home.

For more information about KiwiBuild and getting yourself ready to buy, link) or call 0800 521 107.

Page updated: 9 June 2021